Important Tips Before Photographing A Wedding

Important Tips Before Photographing A Wedding

Chat With Customers

For your work to be as close to what you want as possible, you need to do a photo briefing. 

It is nothing more than a document where you record everything that has been agreed with customers. By talking to them, you ensure that the interpretation is clear to everyone. 

So it’s a super important moment for the professional photographer to understand things like:

  • Where will the wedding/party be? 
  • How is the lighting of the place: natural or artificial?
  • How many guests will there be?
  • What moments can not be missing from the records?
  • What do they want people to feel when they see the photos?
Important Tips Before Photographing A Wedding

 Train And Search For More Photos

Now that you have your customer’s opinion, it’s time to search for more inspirations, organize all the photos that will be taken, and compare the ideas of the bride and groom with yours to make something harmonious.

For beginners, another important point is training, after all, as the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. However, this tip is also valid for experienced wedding photographers, okay?

Eventually, as you find interesting references, make a backup of them all, organized in folders. 

Plan Ahead

The first step in keeping everything in order is to know the space you are going to photograph and be aware of the photos that will be taken. Once this is defined, you will also know what equipment is needed.

Subsequently, make a checklist with questions to remember all the equipment and specific details:

  • What lenses will I need for wedding photography? Also, think about the focal length.
  • What extra materials will be needed?
  • What locations will the photos be taken in? Will artificial light be needed?
  • When photographing, you must be sure of your work, the steps to be taken, your posture, and even your clothing. 

Top Ideas For Creative Wedding Photography

Rehearsal With The Pet To Thrill

For clients who hire you to photograph the wedding and are also interested in a rehearsal before the party, the trend of the moment is photos with pets.

Nothing fairer, after all, they are family and are part of the couple’s history. This type of rehearsal looks great outdoors, but it can also be done in a photo studio. 

Besides, the clicks are charming and fun, they are records that will certainly be kept with great care.

First Look To Eternalize

Photographing the bride and groom’s clothes is a very important step to complete the photo album of the occasion. 

Attentions For The Bride

One of the most charming photographs is the first look, in which the groom (or the bridesmaids) will see the bride ready for the wedding for the first time.

It is a very exciting and special moment. Therefore, if you are attentive to the looks, smiles, and reactions, you will surely be surprised with the result delivered. 

Different Angles To Reframe

Seeking to photograph a wedding from different angles is an unusual way that the photographer can do to bring a big difference in the photos. 

So also try to take chances in positions you never thought of before. After all, the photography market needs professionals who deviate from the standard.

So get down, tilt, turn upside down, climb in places to have a view from the top … 

Believe me: sometimes the best pictures come from the most disruptive ideas.

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