Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Photos

Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Photos

1. Photos With Godmothers And Groomsmen

The photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen are a must-have, after all, you did not choose your groomsmen and bridesmaids with so much affection so that they pass over your wedding album. They can be both behaved and symmetrical and more relaxed if you prefer. 

2. Sparkles

Sparkles (sparkles) are candles with a wick made of gunpowder that, when lit, release small bright sparks and usually replace the rice rain at weddings. These are devices that make a beautiful effect both at night and during the day and can yield incredible photos.

Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Photos

3. Photos With The Veil

The veil is an accessory that makes all the difference in a bride’s look and, if you choose to wear it, there is nothing fairer than valuing the piece in your wedding photos. Your photographer just needs to be creative, and your veil will yield beautiful frames for your pre-wedding shoot and for your ceremony. Moving photos showing the length of the veil and its effect on the wind are the most common and look very beautiful. 

4. Photos With The Little Girls And The Pages

Like the Godmothers and Groomsmen, their Bridesmaids and Pages deserve a special place in their wedding album. We know that photographing children can be a challenge, but it is in spontaneous moments that fun wedding photos can arise.

5. Back Details

All the details of your wedding dress are perfect and deserve to be immortalized. So, don’t forget to take pictures of your back that show the back details of your model.

6. Wedding Dress Photos

A bride’s first encounter with her dress on her wedding day is always an exciting moment that must be cherished in memory. Photos with your dress as the protagonist can be creative and stripped down. 

7. Smoke Bombs

Colored smoke bombs are the new sensation of wedding rehearsals and we cannot deny that they yield very beautiful photographs with the effect they make. Smoke bombs can be used in a variety of ways in your photos. 

8. Photos With The Cake

That classic photo of the bride and groom cutting the cake that can’t be missed at a rehearsal.

9. First Touch

The first touch is an adaptation of the first look, where the couple touches each other, say a prayer, and talk minutes before the wedding ceremony without seeing each other. A moment that guarantees a lot of emotions and will certainly yield interesting photographs.

10. Throwing The Bouquet

One of the most anticipated moments of a wedding is the time to throw the bouquet. Certainly, this will be the most relaxed time of your party and the tip is to register the before and after of the bouquet toss for a fun sequence of photos.

11. Don’t Miss The Basics

Marriage is the first of the most important moments in the lives of two people. The value of this event for the family that is starting there is immense and priceless! And it only happens once.

Therefore, you cannot afford to lose a photo because the exposure was wrong and the light was blown out, or because the speed was too low and the image came out all shaky.

Have the basics in you: exposure, focus, composition. If you still get it wrong, start studying and training more for yesterday!

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