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Tips To Make Your Post-wedding Session Perfect

Between the “yes” at the altar and the party, there is not much time left for the photography team to innovate a lot in the couple’s clicks. Every minute between the ceremony and the reception is also played with a makeup artist, ceremonialist, and guests of the couple, looking forward to the time they can dance and have fun with family and friends. 

For this reason, the post-wedding rehearsal appears as a good solution to eternally calm and charm the details of the wedding dress and/or the groom’s attire in a less obvious setting and different from the celebration locations. After months of preparation and stress, passionate hearts deserve yet another opportunity to see themselves dressed up in character to celebrate the fact that they are finally married. An initiative that can yield beautiful wedding favors, with photos from the rehearsal being used to thank the guests for their presence.

Tips To Make Your Post-wedding Session Perfect

It is a photo session where the couple again wears the costumes used in the ceremony without the nervousness of the day and the concern to pay attention to other people. In short, it is “finally, alone” under the lens of a photographer. For this very reason, a perfect opportunity to allow yourself, together with your love, to be immortalized in new angles, scenarios, and themes. Here are some tips to make sure your photos look amazing.

1. Choose A Place To Take Your Breath Away

Choosing a viewpoint or location at a high point in the city to make the photos yield incredible panoramic views and the possibility of registering the sun on the horizon;

Some choose the mountains and canyons precisely because of the incredible effect they provide to the images;

 Water mirrors also give an unbeatable charm to the moment, as well as the clicks on the beach and flower fields for the wedding.

2.Plan The Best Time

Knowing how to take advantage of the sunlight is fundamental for a more natural, beautiful, and illuminated photo. However, the sun should be avoided, when the light tends to burst and the models will have difficulty keeping their eyes open. The ideal time for outdoor rehearsals is late afternoon (called golden hour ) and early morning, always.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Dirty

After the worry of leaving your model of wedding dress impeccable for the ceremony, how about starring in underwater moments or even in the mud? The more unusual the situation wearing informal clothes, the more interesting and relaxed the rehearsal tends to be.

4. Tell A Story In The Photos

No one does not like a comic book. The logic can be applied to the photos to record several moments of the same narrative, which must be arranged in sequence in the album. Even the same image can bring together all the elements that contain the beginning, the middle, and the end of a story, like a dog about to overthrow the groom while his partner tries to alert him to danger, or the walk of the bride and groom towards an important place … Let creativity guide!

5.Innovate In The Look

If your childhood dream was to get married using a more traditional look, this is the perfect time to try to dare and combine it with a denim jacket, or make-up worthy of a Carnival block and whatever else your creativity allows. Play, allow yourself, and live the moment with your loved one.…

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Photography Tips During Wedding

Know-How To Control Crowds

Every wedding will require a little crowd control during family photos with the bride and groom. This can be a stressful time for the photographer, as you don’t know the dynamics of that family. Sometimes you don’t know who Uncle John is. Besides, he is probably at the bar, the bathroom, or anywhere other than where he should be. One of our great wedding tips is to have the couple nominate a family member or someone from the ceremonial to organize people for you. They can bring the guests together for the photos and you can focus on taking the photos.

Photography Tips During Wedding

Don’t Take A Million Photos

A wedding photographer’s day can last up to more than 15 hours, so slow down. There is no need to rush. You will end up losing excellent photographs if you run around like crazy. Think about what you are doing. Compose your photographs well. Be patient. Yes, you may have taken 10 billion photos, but that doesn’t mean 10 billion good photos.

Photograph The Details

The small details that a couple spent hours on end planning deserve to be photographed. Besides, these details provide great photographs that you can use to tell the full story of the wedding. Sometimes it can be easy to forget to photograph them or the schedule may not allow it. But there is no doubt that the couple will enjoy photos of things like flowers, rings, dress details, table decorations, etc.

Keep Calm And… Eat Cake

We mean, continue.  Yes, this is an important day in the lives of couples. And yes, they trusted you to capture you. But it doesn’t make sense to have a mental breakdown in the marriage. The couple will lose confidence in your ability and you will leave a negative impression on the images being produced. Just breathe, keep your cool and posture, even if you are a nervous wreck inside.

Enjoy Golden Hour

You may have already taken a photo session with the couple right after the ceremony and have stunning photos. However, you cannot fail to explore Golden Hour, that special light that happens when the sun is setting. The results are always jaw-dropping!

Preparation of the photographer

It may seem funny, but the photographer needs to prepare for the wedding some time in advance, like the couple and their relatives. That’s because nothing can go wrong on this very special day for the couple and their families and the photographer needs to be able to follow everything.

You need to know the couple, talk to them beforehand to learn a little about their history. Also, know all the places you will need to go to, such as church and reception and another location if you want to take photos outside.

Take the telephone contact of the bride and groom and also of the event locations, leaving your contact with them as well. Check the tires, the fuel tank and have cash, don’t just rely on your credit or debit card. If you have a team, arrange with them the time or even the ride, if necessary.

The day before, leave your clothes ready and go to sleep early. During the day of the event, eat well and try to be rested, because the night will be busy !!! Ideally, you should arrive at least an hour before the ceremony. Arrange with the bride and groom if making of will be done and, if so, you will need to arrive two hours before, to accompany the completion of the groom’s costumes and grooming, such as hair and makeup, at the beauty salon or the groom’s house. Two more places for you to schedule!…