About DJP Wedding Photography

About DJP Wedding Photography

Hello and welcome to DJP Wedding Photography. My name is Doug Jackson and I've been working professional photographer since 2001. I started my career serving an apprenticeship (of sorts) with the Yorkshire Regional Newspapers group, working as a press photographer for titles such as the Whitby Gazette, Scarborough Evening News and Ryedale Mercury. From there, progression and a couple of awards led naturally to the leading regional paper The Northern Echo. Since starting my own business in 2008 I have undertaken a variety of work in addition to the wedding business regularly shooting pictures for newspapers and magazines in both fashion and editorial sections. My approach is relaxed an sociable and I love working with people who care about getting interesting and creative pictures.

How I work: A typical wedding shoot comprises of three parts. The candid shots make up 85% of the pictures and really tell the story of the day from the smallest detail to shots of the venue and guests. The other 15% tends to be the family groups and portraits of the Bride and Groom. These last two elements are completely optional and if you would like just candid photography then then its up to you.

I feel my background in photojournalism and commercial magazine work means that I am naturally at home shooting on the hoof, capturing candid moments or setting up wonderful portraits.

I live in Sheffield with my patient wife Helen (pictured left), and when not working I enjoy sailing, mountain biking or getting out one of the motorbikes.

If you would like to meet in person for chat about your wedding then just get in touch and I'll arrange to pop round or call you.

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