Frequenlty Asked Question:

What experience do you have?
As well as photographing many weddings, I also run a successful commercial photography company that works in the PR, industrial and corporate sectors throughout the UK. Feel free to have a browse of for my PR and commercial work and which covers the industrial and architectural sectors.

Will you travel to our wedding?
I shoot weddings throughout the UK and as far away as New Zealand. Clients getting married abroad should bear in mind that they will need to provide reasonable travelling expenses and accommodation. This is obviously different for every wedding so we will discuss this with you at the quoting stage. All quotes and expenses are sorted out in writing beforehand. We have no hidden charges.

Do you do prints?
I believe you should play to your strengths and as I take and edit the pictures I leave it up to the photo labs to supply colourfast, top quality prints. It is possible to run a A3 inkjet printer set-up, but this approach will never achieve the quality of proper photographic prints. We work with external suppliers to source prints and albums. Our current suppliers are excellent and can provide any size image, from normal 6x4 photographs, to poster-size prints. We can discuss the wide variety of options at the consultation stage.

How long do we need the photographer at our wedding?
It’s worth bearing in mind that the longer I’m at your wedding, the more photographs you will receive to tell the story of your day. The majority of photographs from any wedding are candid moments, from getting ready to the first dance. Most couples like to have the whole day captured for posterity, but every wedding is different. As a rough guide you have to think about those key moments in the day that you want to record. You should also bear in mind that the (informal) group/family shot can take from ten minutes to two hours, depending on your requirements. In addition, you will need to set some time aside for some shots of you, the bride and groom, on your own. This is also a chance for you two to have a bit of time together, as I know from shooting weddings for many years that the bride and groom often don’t get that much time together on their wedding day.

What equipment do you use?
I shoot on multiple Canon digital bodies and the latest range of Canon L-Series lenses. In addition to this we have a lightweight portable lighting set-up for quick and creative portrait lighting. If you require additional lighting set-ups, such as a portable studio to shoot formal portraits of the guests at the reception, we will bring this along. It is worth noting that if you book our portable studio to your wedding I will require an assistant and this obviously means I have to cover this in the fees.

Do you ever use a second photographer?
I often use another photographer at weddings. They not only take extra pictures but also help move lighting equipment and organise guests. Each wedding has different requirements, and the benefits of using a second photographer need to be discussed at the quoting stage. Some weddings really don’t require one and we would be tripping over one other, however at other times, it’s essential.

Why should we choose you?
Most weddings are a mixture of semi-staged and spontaneous moments. Having a background shooting for magazines, business and fashion features, I can very quickly create set-up shots that are unique and beautiful. My background as a press photographer working in the fast-paced news arena means you get a true photojournalistic eye to spot those magic little moments at your wedding.

How do you work?
Clients often tell me that they really appreciate my relaxed approach and like the fact that I become such a positive part of their wedding day, always chatty and friendly. I am never pushy, impatient or intrusive. I like to work in a way that sets time aside to do some wonderful shots of the bride and groom, but it’s all at your pace. I will often have a consultation with the bride and groom before the big day to plan the photography schedule and brief. This ensures you get exactly the type of photography you require and also means I cover all the bases on the day.

Do we have to have an album?
You don’t have to have an album! We offer a digital only service that means all you pay for is the photography and you receive a series of prints and a DVD of images. This includes a DVD presentation that you can play on a domestic DVD player, or view and save onto a PC/MAC.

If you would like an album however, we offer several types of albums and print combinations to suit the various needs of our clients. Please see our pricing section for a further description of these products. Clients often pay for the digital only service and then come back months later for the album. As part of the service we convert a selection of your images into black and white. We can provide a black and white album if required. All these sorts of issues are talked about when we have a consultation.

What do we do if the weather is bad?

I always make sure that if I’m unfamiliar with a venue that I check it out before the big day. This means that I can plan for any eventuality regarding the weather. No plans are ever set in stone and on the day if locations need tweaking, it’s all done with no stress and drama. I may be nice to photograph you both walking through the rain with umbrellas or even cuddling up in front of a roaring fire. We will discuss this sort of issue before the big day.

Do you offer a video service?

As a qualified video photojournalist, I can shoot video and do so for some of my commercial clients. The problem is I can’t do stills and video at the same time! Because of this I employ a trusted colleague to help out by shooting and editing your video package with music of your choice.

Ok, that all sounds fine. So what’s the next stage?
Firstly send an email to check availability for your wedding day to
Or call me on 07800 542 638

If I am already busy on that day I may be able to give you some impartial advice on choosing another wedding photographer. If availability isn’t an issue the next stage is to have a chat about your plans for the 'big' day. Once I have a clear idea of your requirements I will be able to provide you with a quote.

Once you’re happy with the quote then the next stage is to meet (if possible) to go over in more detail the plans for the day. At this stage some clients find it useful to see some photo books of my previous weddings, to get a better idea of the choice of styles available.

To secure your day it’s important to note that a £150.00 is required. The remaining amount is payable no later than 30 days after your wedding.

Any further questions?

Feel free to ring or send us an email if you require any information about our products and services. CONTACT DJP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - CLICK HERE